DJ Madness © is much more than a trademark or “seal of approval”;
DJ Madness is basically one of the co-founders of professional Swiss Djing. Already in 1986, when Swiss clubbing-culture was more or less inexistant, he decided to make his way as a DJ-pro.
But not only as a DJ he has done great pioneer work; his partylabel “Delirium”
(which he founded together with his brother Erik) has organised the very first techno-party in Switzerland in the late 80’s and is still going strong after all these years.

The nightlife of Zurich wouldn’t be the same today without the work and energy of
Josi Molnar, aka DJ Madness:

He took acitve part in clubbing-medias like the magazine “Raveline”, was an important part of the very first “Streetparade” in Zurich (a mega-event with over a million visitors every year) in the early 90’s, he was an indispensable and crative element of many legendary clubs (Hells Kitchen and New Gothic for example) and for many he was one of the most important persons and personalities in the starting time of Zurich’s nightlife.

All these earnings, paired with his technical finesse and his keen sense of the audience, were the reasons, that he was voted “DJ of the year” in 1995 (among 80 other nominated Swiss DJs).
But this title doesn’t mean too much for him: „I always made music for the clubbers – their respect for what I’m doing and the fun they have, when they’re dancing to my sets, were alwalys “award” enough for me; without them there would be a Josi Molnar, but no DJ Madness”.

Madness has always had a good sense for structure and business: After the formation of SUB ZERO records (with his brother Erik), the very first techno-label in Switzerland, he also founded Electron Records (1996) and Electro Industries (1997) – he does not only know how to mix tracks, he also knows how to sell himself.

Many things have changed over the past 25 years and it’s very satisfying to see, that some things still are the same and still are very successful: The partylabel Delirium moved to the well known “Supermarket”-club in 1998 and Delirium-parties still are very popular.

Since 2004 Madness is the proud owner of an own recordstore: Together with his brother Erik he opened Central Records in Zurich, which sells not only records, but also many useful tools and toys for DJs.
The DJs can also produce their own records there; Madness guarantees the professionalism they need.

But Madness wouldn’t be Madness, if his activities would be confined to the borders of Switzerland: In the year 2004 he was the first Swiss DJ playing at the Budapest-Parade hin Hungary, where he is treated like a star for many years now.

And he derserves this:
DJ Madness was never a follower – often enough he was the benchmark.